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The family traces their roots back fifteen generations to the early 1600s in a village called Sandel, in Jeverland.


In the 15th and 16th Century, Sandel was in an area known as the Low Countries, a region to the immediate east of the Netherlands. During the last 400 years, rulers of the land changed many times, including Holland when it  occupied East Frisia and Jeverland from 1807 - 1813 by Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (Napoléon Bonaparte's younger brother).


Sandel, which the Westerhout family originated from, is today part of the Friesland district within the nation of Germany.

Listen to an audio recording by Hazel Westerhout introducing her roots and heritage.

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Alexander Winterscale Westerhout and wife, Eva, and their 6 boys in December
1910. They were one of many Dutch families who lived in Melaka.


James Edwin Cropley Westerhout and family in Bandar Hilir, 1949. Hazel, as a baby, is in the arms of her grandmother Evelyne Melinta, wife of James.


Portrait of Johannes Bartholemeus (J.B.) Westerhout (1794-1856)


1st Westerhout Reunion in Sacramento, California, USA, 2000

Westerhout Home
A Family Legacy
A Cabin Boy
An Architect

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