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These extra resources are intended to be complement the Heritage Trades of Melaka exhibition.

翻译 Loh Jia Yi

Family Legacies & Street Food

Presented With:

Melissa Lee Juin Tze, NUS-Tun Tan Cheng Lock Center,

Donald & Lily, Ta Chong

Documentaries by Image 37 & Happy Critters Production.

Keeping family legacies through food has been one of the more effective forms of keeping a traditional trade alive. This exhibition looks at Melakan family legacies through the lens of Donald and Lily &

Ta Chong Popiah, whose food businesess began from humble hawker origins.

The Museum of False Teeth

Presented With:

Lee Dental Laboratories, Manipal University College

Documentary by Image 37

Lee Laboratories was a neighbourhood denture-making laboratory, that had operated for over 70 years. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Albert Lee was forced to retire and close his practice.

This type of denture-making is no-longer practiced in modern day dentistry and this exhibit will showcase Mr Lee's actual dental-making laboratory shop as a museum setting.

Preserving The Art of Manek

Presented With:

T.S Lim Trading, Persatuan Peranakan Cina Melaka

Documentary by students of CCA-UiTM

This exhibition looks at the art of the beaded shoe, that was and is still a treasured fashion item in Peranakan Chinese communities. Seen through the lens of Mr Lim Tian Seng, who has been operating his shop T.S Lim Trading since the 1980s. As he ages, he questions how he can leave this art-form as a legacy for the next generation.

The Music of Keronchong Melaka

Presented with:

Margaret Sarkissian, Melaka Classics Cassel Krishnan, Keroncong Peranakan Melaka

Documentary by students of CCA-UiTM

This exhibition is led by Cassel Krishnan, a young musician who also spearheads Melaka Classics.

Cassel introduces this musical form to today's generation through 'Keronchong Malindo,' an eclectic ensemble which was popular in the 1980s. He will be compiling interviews and memories of the fans, family members, and the band's sole surviving member. We will also be looking closer at the ways that the music influenced the community and how it became a household name in Melaka.

翻译 Koh Qiu Ying

Fishing the Portuguese Way

Presented With:

Martin Theseira, Frits Van Walsem, SOS Melaka, SP Lee, Dennis Ong Zhen Yhue, Pay Fong School

Documentary by Image 37

Fishing was an integral part to livelihood in Melaka as a port-town. This exhibit aims to highlight one traditional method of sea-shore fishing adopted by the Portuguese community, seashore fishing of gerago (small shrimp), festivals surrounding the fishermen, and the impact of land reclamation on this intangible heritage.

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