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Heritage Trades
of Melaka

The Bendahari & University of Nottingham Present

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A traditional trade is a long-established way of conducting business, a living connection with our past. This community-driven exhibition will showcase five traditional trades from the viewpoint of the tradespeople, the inter-personal relationship that each trade fosters, and how technology as an immersive tool can help to bridge our past, present & future. 

The Museum of False Teeth

Exhibition Partner: Manipal University, Melaka

Lee Laboratories was a neighbourhood denture-making laboratory, that had operated for over 70 years. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Albert Lee was forced to retire and close his practice.

This type of denture-making is no-longer practiced in modern day dentistry and this exhibit will showcase Mr Lee's actual dental-making laboratory shop as a museum setting.


Keronchong Malindo Band

The Music of Keronchong Melaka

Exhibition Partner: Cassel Krishnan of Melaka Classics

This exhibition is led by Cassel Krishnan, a young musician who also spearheads Melaka Classics.

Cassel will be introducing this musical form to today's generation through 'Keronchong Malindo,' an eclectic ensemble which was popular in the 1980s. He will be compiling interviews and memories of the fans, family members, and the band's sole surviving member. We will also be looking closer at the ways that the music influenced the community and how it became a household name in Melaka.


Fishing the Portuguese Way

Exhibition Partner: Martin Theseira with

Fishing was an integral part to livelihood in Melaka as a port-town. This exhibit aims to highlight one traditional method of sea-shore fishing adopted by the Portuguese community, seashore fishing of geragau (small shrimp), festivals surrounding the fishermen, and the impact of land reclamation on this intangible heritage.

Preserving The Art of Manek

This exhibition looks at the art of the beaded shoe, that was and is still a treasured fashion item in Peranakan Chinese communities. Seen through the lens of Mr Lim Tian Seng, who has been operating his shop T.S Lim Trading since the 1980s. As he ages, he questions how he can leave this art-form as a legacy for the next generation.


Interview with Madam Lily Lee of Donald & Lily

Family Legacies & Street Food

Exhibition Partner: Melissa Lee


Keeping family legacies through food has been one of the more effective forms of keeping a traditional trade alive. This exhibition looks at Melakan family legacies through the lens of Donald and Lily &

Ta Chong Popiah, whose food businesess began from humble hawker origins.

Contribute to the map on Heritage Hawkers & Street Food Traders of Melaka.

Exhibition Partner

University of Nottingham Malaysia

The University of Nottingham Malaysia was established 21 years ago. University of Nottingham UK is ranked 103 university in the world out of more than 1000 universities. The University takes pride in providing an environment for students that is conducive for learning, teaching and carrying out research through its campuses in Malaysia, China and the UK.


This exhibition is developed together with the Faculty of Computer Science, with the belief that both technology and history can co-exist together in order to stay relevant.


Previous Project Worked On Together:

Documentation Partners


Image 37 Studio

Tang Zheng Xi 陈震

Zheng Xi (Xu) Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2006 with a major in film and TV. He returned to Malaysia in 2010 and has been creating and shooting ever since. A keen documentary film-maker he is passionate about community projects and his hometown, Melaka. Xu comes on board as the main documentation partner. 


Working with the students of UITM (University Technology MARA) film department to document the Sounds of Keronchong Melaka & The Art of Kasut Manek.

Exhibition Duration

26th August - 2nd September

Target Visitors:

School students both international & local.

Melakans and out-of-towners who would like to learn about heritage trades and this community that makes Melaka unique.

School Programme (Tentative)

Ticket Price: (Tentative)






Arrival of students

Intro Talk To The Exhibition

Immersive Exhibits

Hands-On Learning Workshop



School Programme:


RM80/student (including lunch)

For Schools To Register:

Support Our

The objective of this project is to encourage a spirit of 'gohtong-rohyong' and camaraderie; that we have a collective heritage and a story worth sharing.


It is also to bring history & our cultural heritage out from the formal classroom, encouraging all ages to discover and learn in a fun way together.


How funds are allocated:

  1. Accommodation, food & travel for out-of-town student volunteers.

  2. Everyone is doing this on a voluntary basis, with heart and passion. However there are some basic costs that are needed to cover time and expenses for shooting, editing, designing, illustration, and a token gratuity for exhibition collaborators.

  3. Printing & execution of exhibition collateral.

Support in Cash

In Kind Support


  • A thank you mention in our exhibition material, and big hug (when you come to the exhibition).

  • Free entry to visit the exhibits

Up to RM200

  • A thank you mention in our exhibition material, and big hug (when you come to the exhibition).      

  • One invitation to be part of the experiential program for schools.      

RM250 and above

  • A thank you mention in our exhibition material, and big hug (when you come to the exhibition).  

  • Invitation to be part of the experiential program for schools.  

  • One invitation to a joget tea-party with live music by Kugiran Baba Melaka, and a closer look behind the scenes of the documentary by Cassel Krishnan, Melaka Classics.  (limited to the first 20 persons). 

  • Accommodation for students

  • Volunteers pre, during & post  exhibition: 20th August-3rd Sept

Fund Raising Events

  • At St Pedro's Festival

  • Laksa Party with Donald & Lily

  • Tea Party with Kugiran Baba Melaka

To find out more and to book a place

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Bank Transfer to: Gatekeeper Partners
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Swiftcode: PPBEMYKL (from overseas)

Thank You For Your Support!​

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