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Amal is a special needs teacher, Farid is a wedding photographer by profession. When the pandemic hit, during the multiple lock-downs they decided to start a catering business from their home in Bukit Katil, Melaka, and did surprisingly well.

"It has always been my dream to run a cafe," Amal said. Their cafe has been a hit, drawing a crowd every night with their local Malay food offerings.

Amal still teaches children with autism by day and at night she is is seen donning her apron and taking charge of the kitchen operations. Farid however is fully hands-on-deck with Bite of Life.


This young couple says "our hope for Melaka is for our hometown to be a place visited by tourists, and that it would continue to be an attractive, historical city."

MON - SUN | 5pm-12am


A: Lot 149, Jalan Bendahara

(Enter from the Back Alley)

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