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Julian and Josie (better known as Soo) grew up in Melaka and both pursued their university degrees in Australia. After graduating, they worked in Australia for a few years before deciding to come back to explore possibilities in their hometown. Seeing the opportunity to develop a business that served good Australian-styled coffee, The Daily Fix on Jonker Street was born. With the success of The Daily Fix, Sin See Tai (a new generation) became their experimental ground for roasting coffee, and today Sharing Plates is their third venture in Melaka.

While Julian is the creative power behind the ambience, Soo is the mastermind behind each dish that is served. She says "food can bring people together, and Asian culture is all about sharing. Not many people can eat a whole plate of pancakes on their own so that's where the idea of Sharing Plates came about." 

These young food entrepreneurs are filled with a passion for their city. Their hope is that Melaka would become a meeting place of ideas and knowledge sharing between foreign and local talent, especially in the area of food and art.

MONDAY-SUNDAY | 12noon-9pm (last orders 8pm)


A: Lot 143 Jalan Bendahara


T: 013-520 8332

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