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Dr Lee Soo Fwee's father was a dentist who practiced from the same location he is in today. After completing his Secondary Three in 1972, Dr Lee as a young man started to help his father as an dental apprentice.  This spurned on his interest for the art of denture making, and Dr Lee trained himself in the trade. After his father retired, in 1982 the dental clinic began to focus solely on laboratory work and the fitting of dentures.


Today Dr Lee serves a clientele from Melaka, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Many who come to him do not wish to wait for their orders to be shipped from Kuala Lumpur, so Dr Lee provides a turnaround time of three days for a pair of dentures. Compliments from his customers is what keeps him going and gives him the joy of work.


He has seen many changes happen over the years in Melaka, from its 'Sleepy Hollow' days to the influx of tourists during on the weekends. Dr Lee's hope is that even as the town grows and develops, that efforts would be made to keep its value as a historical city for future generations.

MONDAY-SUNDAY | 11am-7pm

A: Lot 143 Jalan Bendahara (corner unit)

T: 013-520 8332

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