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This bubbly lady Kelly, started Prime Cut Saloon fourteen years ago. After studying hair-dressing in America and Singapore, and coming back to work in local beauty parlours, she decided to venture out on her own. She started Prime Cut Saloon fourteen years ago in the year 2005 operating from a hole-in-the-wall section of the same building, where Sharing Plates is today.

Kelly grew up in Melaka, fell in love and and married a Melakan, which rooted her more into her hometown. When asked why she stayed on with her family instead of going to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur for 'greener pastures' she says that even in this small town, the income she has gotten as provided her a comfortable enough livelihood. Her customers are mainly locals and visitors from neighbouring hotels, who come for an affordable hair style.

Kelly is a down-to-earth lady. Her hope for Melaka is to have a close-knit community, where everyone can have their own vegetable patch, a laid-back, and stress-free life.

MON - SAT | 11am-8pm


A: Lot 149, Jalan Bendahara

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