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The surname Fredericks is an English form of the name Frederich.  Timothy or Tim as he prefers to be known by grew up in Australia and discovered his Dutch-Eurasian later in life while doing research into his family history.


His family name was originally Fredricks and was changed during the English occupation to what it is today; Fredericks.

Tim's story is a journey of discovery.

Timothy Fredericks, b. 1968, 7th generation Dutch Descent. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia 1984.

Tim With Colleagues from Royal Dutch Shell Company, main HQ, The Hague.jpeg

With partners from the Royal Dutch Shell Company, at the main head quarters in the Hague.

Discovering Truth
Mapping The Past
A Personal Quest
Culture At Work

© All entrusted stories and photographs are courtesy of Timothy Fredericks. To re-use any material (stories, photograph, audio, or family tree), please do make a request: Timothy Fredericks

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