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Nigel Skelchy is a baker and well-loved personality who resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


His colourful ancestry is a mix of Ceylonese, Peranakan Chinese, and Portuguese. 


Whether the family’s ancestral roots are Dutch (or Celtic) remains a question to be answered. The family knows for certain however that their surname is “distinctively un-Portuguese Eurasian” yet the family identifies distinctly with being Portuguese Eurasian.   

As Nigel’s father Anthony Skelchy says, “if we have any Dutch roots, it would begin from Melaka rather than Netherlands.”

The Skelchy family at the wedding of Tertullian Skelchy and Matilda Collar, c1930s, Kuala Lumpur

© All stories entrusted and photographs are courtesy of the Skelchy family.

To re-use any material (stories, photograph, audio, or family tree), please do make a request.

Dutch Recipes
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