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Author Dennis De Witt has been a lone voice championing the heritage of Dutch Eurasians in Malaysia.


This has led him to write several books and articles about the Dutch influences on the history of Malaysia.


Dennis traces the earliest known de Wit eleven generations back to New Amsterdam. There, the first known ancestor Jan de Wit was born in 1677 who  later moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

In Malaysia today, the family name is De Witt.

Dennis earliest ancestors trace to New Amsterdam (today modern day New York), when it was a Dutch Colony between 1626-1664. Painting by Johannes Vingboons, image from Wikimedia Commons.


Willem Adriaan de Wit, born in Cape Town was the grandson of the earliest-known ancestor Jan de Wit.


Willem's son Petrus, armed with a spirit of adventure decided to leave South Africa for another Dutch Colony. By way of Batavia, Petrus arrived in Melaka in 1816.


Petrus is the first documented de Wit to arrive in Melaka and it is here that the family story starts in Malaysia.

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